SMS Alerts

SMS Alert Services

Alerts will be generated in the following scenarios:

– Transaction from ATM/IBM/SMS Banking fund transfer of Nu.2/- & above.
– Cash deposit and withdraw of Nu.2/- & above
– Registered user changes his / her TPIN, an alert will be generated.
– Whenever a user makes a stop cheque payment through all available channels.
– Whenever a cheque gets realized of inward type.
– Whenever a cheque gets realized of outward type.
– Whenever a cheque get bounced or rejected for any reason.
– When a user lodges bill (Inward/Outward) Inland and Foreign bills.
– Whenever a standing instruction is executed through core menu.
– When loan account comes for overdue payment for the previous month.
– When loan account comes for due on every month.
– Maturity of Term Deposit Account s before 15 days.
– When TDA account gets matured on that day. CC/OD account limits due for renewal alert to be sent before 15   days.