Traders Finance

To meet the working capital and term loan requirements of retail and wholesale traders, distributors/agencies, who deal in goods/commodities (indigenous or imported) and term loan for renovation of shop/showroom.

1. Traders, who are individuals, firms, companies and are dealing in goods/commodities for consumption, consumables, grocery, merchandise, mineral oils (which also covers petroleum dealers, lubricant dealers, petrol pumps, etc.), distribution of fertilizers & other assets to be used in the trade and industries, etc.
2. Traders should comply with applicable statutory requirements, and having trading and business licenses.
3. Advances against goods or any other item prohibited by RGOB from time to time will not be covered under this scheme.

1. Financing of stock in trade, book debts (not older than three months) and other assets to be used in the trade.
2. Acquiring block/fixed assets like setting up of show room, air-conditioners, delivery van, renovation and other gadgets required for running the business.

Loan amount
Working Capital (fund & non-fund) –     – Need Based

40% keeping in view nature of stocks, price fluctuation, shelf life etc. If the value of collateral security is 100% or more the margin can be reduced by 20%

Repayment of loan
1. Working capital limit upto Nu. 0.50 million granted by way of term loan (WCTL) will be repayable in equal monthly/quarterly installments within a period of 3 to 5 years.
2. The term loan for acquiring fixed assets along with interest will be repayable in equal monthly installments within a period of 5 to 7 years.
3. Working capital limits shall be sanctioned for a period of one year and shall be renewed/reviewed annually.

For more details and other formalities contact nearest branch head