Loan Against Future Lease Rentals

Loan against future lease rentals


i. Property Owners having their properties who have let out such properties to Govt & reputed corporates, Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Multinational Companies, reputed private schools/colleges (approved by/affiliated to govt. body), can avail finance against future net lease rentals for meeting business/personal needs.
ii. Finance against future lease rentals to the owner/lessor of Immovable Property (wherein the tenant compensates the owner/lessor by way of monthly lease rentals/sub lease rentals for the services provided by executing service agreements, facility agreements or furniture agreements etc.) may be considered on the following terms and conditions:
a The articles such as interiors, furniture, electrical fittings etc., if owned by the owner/lessor of I.P (Immovable Property), should be hypothecated to the bank.
b. Tripartite agreement between the lessor, lessee and the bank should be obtained for payment of lease rentals directly to the bank.



Remaining period of the lease Quantum of Loan (Maximum upto following %age of the future lease rentals)
Upto 3 years 85
Beyond 3 years & upto 5 yrs 75
Beyond 5 years & upto 7 yrs 70
Beyond 7 years & upto 10 yrs 60