Various charges for Loan and Advances

Sl. NoParticularsCharges
1Loan Application FeeNu. 100/-
2Stationery FeeActuals , if any
3Legal StampsActual
     i)Land (Separately)Nu. 2500/- per site
     ii. Building (separately)Nu. 2500/- per site
     iii. Land & BuildingNu. 5000/- (i.e Nu. 2500/- for land & Nu. 2500/- per building)
 Note: In case of more than one building on same land, valuation of land will be Nu. 2500/- & building Nu. 2500/- per building)
5CIB/CIR ChargesNu.500.00 for each report whether Consumer / commercial / micro , hit report or no hit report or charges of CIB whichever is high
6CRST feesActual charges claimed by CRST
7Processing FeesLoan AmtAmt
  Up to Nu.O.50 Mn500
  < 0.50Mn to 1 Mn1000
  < 1 Mn to 2.50Mn2500
  < 2.50Mn to 5Mn3500
  < 5Mn to 10 Mn5000
  < 10 Mn10000
8OD / CC Renewal Charges50 % of the Processing fees 
9Charges for noting of mortgage charge in LMS Actual charges as prescribed by NLCS will be debited from customer. 
10Loans against banks own fixed deposits are exempted from the above charges and PSI- loans are exempted from Processing charges.