SME Sector

The spirit of Enterprise knows no boundaries, irrespective of the scale of operations. Realizing the significance of that, DPNBL has formulated a measure to provide an impetus for the growth of the SME Sector.

Amount of loan
1. Term Loan (Need based).
2. Working Capital Loan liberally sanctioned at 20% of projected annual turnover basis.
3. Composite Loan Limit has been raised to Nu. 10.00 Million(for Term Loan Working Capital).

1. Comfortable margin options available.
2. Expedious sanction upto Nu. 1 Million for borrowers having good track record,
3. Simplified Loan Application Forms for convenience of borrowers.
4. Loan Applications complete in all respects duly receipted & acknowledged.
5. Speedy Processing within specified time norms.

For more details and other formalities contact nearest branch head.