Druk PNB Bank Limited(DPNBL) incorporated in Bhutan is a Joint Venture Bank with 51% share holding by Punjab National Bank, a leading public sector Bank in India.

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Extraordinary General Meeting

This is to notify all the shareholders of Druk PNB Bank Limited that an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held on 18th July 2018 (Wednesday) in the conference hall of Hotel Riverview, Thimphu at 4 p.m. to deliberate on the following issue: to formulate strategy for fair treatment of minority share holders after right’s issue as per directions of RMA, and for  approval of new Independent Director.

We request our valued shareholders to attend the meeting in person or by proxy and a written confirmation of the participation may please be sent by 17th July 2018 to the Company Secretary, Druk PNB Bank Ltd., Norzin Lam: Thimphu.

The Proxy forms can be downloaded from below link.

Form of Proxy Click Here


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