Druk PNB Bank Limited(DPNBL) incorporated in Bhutan is a Joint Venture Bank with 51% share holding by Punjab National Bank, a leading public sector Bank in India.

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Announcement of Auction for unsubscribed rights shares

Druk PNB Bank Limited would like to invite bids from all the interested general public for the auction of 3,182,405 unsubscribed rights shares.

Interested Bhutanese citizen above the age of 18 years may bid for the same, from any registered securities broker firm from 12th June 2018 to 22nd June 2018.

The auction shall close at 5:00 pm on 22nd June, 2018, after which the equal allotment shall be carried out at the discovered auction price. For further information please contact RSEBL, email: rsebl@rsebl.org.bt, Phone No. 02-323994/02-324296.

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