Druk PNB Bank Limited(DPNBL) incorporated in Bhutan is a Joint Venture Bank with 51% share holding by Punjab National Bank, a leading public sector Bank in India.

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Education and Skill Enhancement Loan

New Education Loan Scheme“Education and Skill Enhancement Loan”

The Scheme aims to provide the Bhutanese candidates, term loan for meeting the educational and related expensed abroad.


To meet the education expenses / travel expenses for the student.


The Individual candidate should be of and above 18 years of age.

The loan shall be maintained in the joint names of candidate with parents or natural guardian (in the absence of parents) as co –borrower, who are residing in Bhutan.

Copies of academic certificates of candidates.

The CIB status to be clear of both the student borrower and co borrower.

The consultancy firm through which the students being sent abroad should be registered with MOEA/MOLHR.

Copy of valid license for operating such education consultancy / placement firms should be provided.


Maximum limit of NU.3.50 Mn per candidate by way of term loan for meeting educational expenses.


Interest rate upto Nu.3.50Mn is 11.50 % (Fixed).

Normal late fee to be levied as per extant RMA guidelines.

Upfront and documentation charges are as per extant guidelines of the Bank.


The loan shall be disbursed only after getting confirmation from the consultancy firm and execution of the loan documents. The loan may be disbursed at the request of the borrower to his /her savings account maintained with our bank. The candidate should have access to fund of upto Nu.100000/- from the loan.


The repayment is to be started after 3 months from the release of loan. The maximum tenor of loan is 60 Months.


Guarantee of the parents/guardians/family members who are staying in Bhutan, or any other competent individual to be obtained. Their CIB report should be satisfactory

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