Druk PNB Bank Limited(DPNBL) incorporated in Bhutan is a Joint Venture Bank with 51% share holding by Punjab National Bank, a leading public sector Bank in India.

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Notice to customer : Opening of ACU Dollar Account in Bangladesh

Notice for Customers :

Opening of ACU Dollar Account in Bangladesh

The central Bank of Bangladesh, vide its FE Circular No. 10 dated 4th March 2014 has directed that all Foreign Exchange Business with countries who are part of ACU arrangements must be settled in ACU Dollars only.

Looking into the above changes effected in Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Policy, Druk PNB Bank Limited has opened ACU Dollar Account in Bangladesh  as follows:

Name of the Account :  Druk PNB Bank Limited, Bhutan.

Account No.

Standard Chartered Bank,

67, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212

Bangla Desh


As per extant guidelines issued by Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan for Asian Clearing Union transactions, above account shall be used strictly for the purpose of remittances from Bhutan to Bangladesh to settle Import transactions and other Non-Import remittances. This account shall NOT be used for Export proceeds receivable in Bhutan or any other inward remittances for Bhutan.

All our customers are hereby informed that henceforth all the financial transactions from Bhutan to Bangladesh routed through our Bank shall not be allowed in any other currency other than ACU Dollars.

By order of Druk PNB Bank Management


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