Druk PNB Bank Limited(DPNBL) incorporated in Bhutan is a Joint Venture Bank with 51% share holding by Punjab National Bank, a leading public sector Bank in India.

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Shortlisted Candidates

DPNBL/HRD/2017                                                                         Dated: 31st July, 2017


 Following the vacancy announcement and interview for the shortlisted candidates on 25.07.2017, we are pleased to announce selected candidates for the post of Executives and Assistant as under:-

Sl.No Name CID.No Position
1 Karma Tshering Deki 10501002086 Executive
2 Karma Yuden 12007003634 Executive
3 Phuntsho Wangdi 10705001606 Executive
4 Chencho 10206000084 Executive
5 Reshma Katwal 11201002607 Assistant

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